Magistrate John MURPHY Wins the IDIOT award this WEEK

Have a read of this, and you wonder why our legal system is so stuffed… MURPHY you would have to be the biggest dill ever, Im not sure if you are simply a few cents short or something… No wonder the police throw their hands up when you do stupid things like this…………..

A DRIVER with an “horrific” traffic record has had her licence returned after being convicted of unlicensed driving and refusing a drug test.

Bianca Meredith, 23, has a lengthy rap sheet including reckless conduct endangering life, multiple counts of unlicensed and disqualified driving, drink-driving and speeding.

She was banned for two years for refusing a drug test and driving without a licence last March, which was reduced to a year on appeal.

Wodonga magistrate John Murphy this week said she had an “horrific record”, and asked a prosecutor if they wanted to question her during her licence application.

“I’ve been here before when Ms Meredith has lied to the court, so I don’t see the point,” the officer replied.

Sexual Predator = Victorian Magistrate



A magistrate has been stood down while a specially selected panel probes serious sexual assault allegations levelled against him.

The Age understands Melbourne magistrate Raj Malhotra is being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a junior colleague at a work Christmas party and inciting violence against a male staff member.

The attorney-general Martin Pakula and the chief magistrate Peter Lauritsen had each referred a magistrate to the Judicial Commission of Victoria.

Mr Pakula referred a magistrate to the commission in December, and Mr Lauritsen made another referral about a magistrate a month later.

Lets see if anything happens… I would put money on it NOTHING  Swept under the carpet… I bet !!