How $60MILLION of YOUR taxes were spent pampering public servants – sparking ‘rage and hatred’ of politicians

We -AUSTRALIA are AGAIN a laughing stock around the world!!

Bureaucrats in Melbourne from cabinet minister Michaelia Cash’s Department of Jobs and Innovation benefited from a new $210,000 kitchen, which included a $38,274 ‘tea point’ for public servants to sit down and enjoy a soy chai latte.

The Prime Minister’s office was also a drain on the public purse, with $6,133 spent on four luxury French Chateau chairs in the executive wing of Malcolm Turnbull’s department in Canberra.

For the Full  JOKE read the info here

And you know what these arsehole politicians coudnt give a fuck… its all about them and not the people they represent… Farmers are in crisis and who gives a shit in Canberra.

At least Bob Katter is saying the right thing:  Bob Katter, a maverick MP from outback far north Queensland, feared public disgust at this spending would spark an armed revolution.

Michaelia Cash Political Bitch

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