Another LOW LIFE POLICE OFFICE Timothy Michael Patterson

A SYDNEY police officer has been spared jail after he secretly filmed a colleague while they were having sex and shared it with other officers in an online group called “No Snitches”.

Timothy Michael Patterson changed his clothes in an apparent attempt to avoid being captured on camera following his sentence at Downing Centre Local Court on Friday.

The 28-year-old senior constable filmed a consensual encounter with an off-duty officer at a Sydney hotel in 2017 without her permission.

And what do the Police say

“A NSW Police spokeswoman told AAP Patterson was suspended and his employment under review.”

He should be sacked !! My gawd are they as weak as water?

Read the Full version here…

Timothy Michael Patterson

One thought on “Another LOW LIFE POLICE OFFICE Timothy Michael Patterson

  1. Omg you dog .this guy isnt a cop can someone please inform us of what station this fk witt will be working from so we dont go to it .Like we need cops participating in revenge porn no wonder when we report it tgey are like oh yeh sorry cant do anything .Australia you are fkd the legal system u are fked aswell .Why the hell is he not removed permabently from the police force .You putrid predator your not a cop .id taser you myself you low life mutt

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