A Message to TURBULL and SHORTEN

Australians are sick and tired of you useless politicians,,, both sides are in it for themselves.

What we want you to do is:

Lower Electricity prices… Not tell us to find the best deal… WRONG  We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we have the most expensive prices.

Tomorrow tell us you are going to start to build a new Coal fired Power station…NOW !

Tell the Paris agreement to stick it… Australia First and stop bending over!

Why cant we start the talk about a Nuclear Power station ?

Stop giving our money away to the Lefties, wind farms etc, start looking after our own people and farmers.

BUILD a dam and harvest the water for agriculture, pipe it to where it needs to go.  We don’t mind getting into debt for something worthwhile

STOP THE BULL SHIT and actually do something about it, talk is cheap and you guys are so full of BULLSHIT.  You both need to be slapped silly

Leadership in Australia is non existent.  We have done nothing in the last 10 years except get further into debt and got nothing out of it, gone no where.

Maybe its time we start to rise up and look for change.  TRUMP, love him or hate him he is doing it for the RIGHT reason, AMERICA FIRST, what about our legless leaders looking after AUSTRALIA First….rage.png




Labor MP Emma Husar defends taxpayer-funded trip to Queensland and Bruno Mars gig

SIMPLY EMMA – YOUR A THIEF and once again you low life B**CH, you have ripped off the Australian public… and guess what ??? Nothing will happen !!

EMBATTLED Labor MP Emma Husar has defended a taxpayer-funded trip to Emma HUSAR - THIEFQueensland, during which she saw a Bruno Mars concert.

Ms Husar, who is under investigation over allegations of staff bullying and misuse of entitlements, attended the concert in Brisbane on March 14 after attending a committee hearing in Cairns that day.

“Of course no work expenses were used to attend a concert. Any assertion otherwise is preposterous,” a spokesman for the western Sydney MP said on Wednesday.

“The concert tickets were a birthday gift from a friend.”

Ms Husar flew into Brisbane from Cairns, claiming $114 for a government-funded Comcar from the airport to her hotel.

Taxpayers were also charged for her hotel room, which she shared with a friend.

Ms Husar attended meetings with a homelessness service and a domestic violence call centre in Brisbane the following day.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek said she had been told the reports were inaccurate.

“It is absolutely vital that every single dollar of taxpayer funding is used appropriately, there is no question of that,” Ms Plibersek told Sky News.

“If there are any issues like this to investigate they should be looked at properly. Every single dollar of taxpayer funding should be used appropriately.”

How $60MILLION of YOUR taxes were spent pampering public servants – sparking ‘rage and hatred’ of politicians

We -AUSTRALIA are AGAIN a laughing stock around the world!!

Bureaucrats in Melbourne from cabinet minister Michaelia Cash’s Department of Jobs and Innovation benefited from a new $210,000 kitchen, which included a $38,274 ‘tea point’ for public servants to sit down and enjoy a soy chai latte.

The Prime Minister’s office was also a drain on the public purse, with $6,133 spent on four luxury French Chateau chairs in the executive wing of Malcolm Turnbull’s department in Canberra.

For the Full  JOKE read the info here


And you know what these arsehole politicians coudnt give a fuck… its all about them and not the people they represent… Farmers are in crisis and who gives a shit in Canberra.

At least Bob Katter is saying the right thing:  Bob Katter, a maverick MP from outback far north Queensland, feared public disgust at this spending would spark an armed revolution.

Michaelia Cash Political Bitch

Another LOW LIFE POLICE OFFICE Timothy Michael Patterson

A SYDNEY police officer has been spared jail after he secretly filmed a colleague while they were having sex and shared it with other officers in an online group called “No Snitches”.

Timothy Michael Patterson changed his clothes in an apparent attempt to avoid being captured on camera following his sentence at Downing Centre Local Court on Friday.

The 28-year-old senior constable filmed a consensual encounter with an off-duty officer at a Sydney hotel in 2017 without her permission.

And what do the Police say

“A NSW Police spokeswoman told AAP Patterson was suspended and his employment under review.”

He should be sacked !! My gawd are they as weak as water?

Read the Full version here…


Timothy Michael Patterson

Judge MAHONEY another dick head Judge

Well done to Judge Peter MAHONEY— you moron.  Clearly she needed help and yet again the POLICE force failed to help her.  Whose pocket are you in.  Your on a taxpayer funded wage which is obscene and your in the pockets of Govt departments.  Lets hop the next ISIS bomb in Australia is aimed at the legal system…. just means you will all go and hide like the sniveling cowards you are.


But the 40-year-old former officer’s case against NSW Police failed.

I called him an idiot and I left.

Female police officer to male psychologist who recommended sex with her husband as ‘best stress relief’ from work.

Judge Mahony found it was reasonable for NSW Police to “do nothing” despite two psychologists in 2006 recommended treatment following the PTSD diagnosis, after Ms Sills understated her psychological problems in an effort to return to work.

When she was identified as an officer at risk in 2009 after attending five serious critical incidents in six months – including a fatal car crash involving a 17-year-old girl and a fatal house fire involving an elderly man – Ms Sills said she was “seeking outside help” in response to a senior officer’s emailed welfare check.

But Ms Sills did not undergo counselling or use available support services, despite being aware of the Employee Assistance Program, a peer support program and police chaplain, Judge Mahony said.

Ms Sills told the court she was directed to attend the EPA in 2004 after the death of a child in a Doyalson house fire but “felt worse after seeing the psychologist”.

The court heard that by 2011 when Ms Sills last worked a shift at Tuggerah Lakes command there were 28 officers unfit for duty because of trauma-related incidents.


Read the full text below



Gold Coast Opening Ceremony

What an absolute disgrace….. why the hell are we continually saying dorry… IM NOT SORRY.  We did what we thought was the right thing to do in those times… so stop saying sorry for me… IM NOT

I wrote this to the game people

I was looking forward to the opening ceremony last night with my family… my gawd, what a disgrace. Absolute rubbish. We watched the first 30 minutes and it went on and on and on with aboriginal stuff…. we then turned it off and watched netflix.
I cant believe you used my tax payer money to fund that rubbish. You should hear radio today and the criticism is scathing.
well done on destroying such a great opportunity to display the best of the Gold Coast and Australia. All you did is embarrass us around the world.

Politicians Rorting the System AGAIN

Politicians are nothing but blood sucking mongrels sucking the life out of the taxpayers.. and yet again nothing happens.  We have that thieving bastard ANDREWS in Victoria stealing from us TAXPAYERS in the last election  and yet nothing happens..

Are we Australians sick of and tired of this…  and yet the Federal Police still fail to do nothing

Vic MP says no deceit over rorts-for-votes

Victorian Sports Minister John Eren says he was reassured Labor’s $388,000 rorts-for-votes scheme at the 2014 election was within the rules.

Read the story from news.com.au

A Victorian minister named as one of 21 Labor MPs who misused $388,000 in public money to pay campaign staff at the last election says he was reassured the scheme was within the rules.

Sports Minister John Eren signed off on time sheets worth $2358 for an electorate officer who instead campaigned in another electorate in the so-called rorts-for-votes scandal.

Mr Eren told reporters on Sunday the then-opposition MPs all thought the scheme was part of a long-standing staff polling arrangement.

“It was relayed as a pool staffing arrangement,” Mr Eren said.

“It’s important to say, because it was a long standing practice, I didn’t feel like I was misled, I just felt like that was a reassurance that was given at the time.”

He also said it’s time to “move on” from the scandal – but the opposition and Greens have other ideas.

The coalition opposition want to send the issue of legal costs spent by the government, Ombudsman Deborah Glass and Legislative Council president to the state’s Auditor General.

They are also demanding an upper house select committee to further examine the issue.

The Greens want to send the matter to the privileges committee, have still-serving MPs named in the report fined and Premier Daniel Andrews apologise to parliament, and for Labor to pay a $100,000 fine and cover the costs of the Ombudsman.


Ms Glass on Wednesday released a report detailing how 21 Labor MPs in the lead up to the 2014 election breached parliamentary guidelines by approving $388,000 of taxpayer money that went to campaign staff.

Labor has since repaid the money and Premier Daniel Andrews says all six of the ombudsman’s recommendations will be implemented.